Saturday, 8 May 2010

Monday, 19 April 2010

My first post! I'm slightly scared as this is my first time eek.. and I hope I don't bore everyone too much, but I had been thinking of setting up a blog for a while now as I love watching YouTube videos and reading other people's blogs, I find it very theraputic :-) I adore make-up, fashion and all things smelly (nice smelly of course!), so hope to do my own little reviews on things and just general ramblings of my life which may bore some of you so I do apologise in advance ;-)
I also suffer from severe M.E. which is a neurological disease, I try to live my life as normal as possible but it does limit me a lot. I am lucky enough to have a fabulous family and boyfriend who support me no end, and my two gorgeous Westies Tara & Ruby who can always bring a smile to my face! I am unable to attend uni and missed out on most of my schooling, but I am due to take my first GCSE (maths!) in June, which I am very scared about, but I'm also excited too as I hope it is that one step closer to becoming a Veterinary nurse.
Check out my side-bar to see what things I'm expecting in the post and what I am hoping to review in the next couple of weeks - I hope you'll enjoy! With love, Bex <3